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Joe O’Keeffe has been involved as a promoter, advisor or initiator in over 10 hi-tech start-ups over the past 15 years. Whether it is moral support, business planning, funding, spin out or
partnership advice you need – Joe has been through it and can bring his experience to help you.

My view is that the majority of engineers and researchers have ideas for start-ups related to their area of expertise. However, the step from ‘idea’ to doing something practical about the idea is the most difficult. I have been the catalyst in supporting and encouraging individuals to cross this divide in numerous cases. My approach is to put the infrastructure of experience and funding around the technical innovator under a mutually beneficial partnership.

Why the term ‘Venture Nanny’? Relative to a Venture Capitalist, which invests money but little else, Joe is willing to invest his time, blood, sweat and experience in interesting hi-tech ideas to get them off the ground. His focus is in getting new companies to a stage where they have an experienced management team, sufficient funding and a verifiable as well as a realistic business plan.

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